Friday, March 19, 2010

This Square necked tank top is only 50L.. It comes in seven different colors. The colors are red, purple, teal, light blue, black, grey, and white. More colors to come in the future.

Hair in this picture is was created by the store Cake.

Accessories including the belt and the faun horns came from Sweet Leo.

Tattoos: Atomic.

A little bit about the Store:

A new store has come to second life. This store has clothing for and some random items. The style is basically bohemian. I make all kind of furniture items out of fun and unusual items. Come see what there is.. and stay posted here. I will be putting thing up for sale on the blog that you can only get if your a member of the group.

About the creator:

The Creator of this store is me, Sutha Stoop. If you cant say my name then call me Sue, its ok. I have been on Second Life for over a year or so. I have owned alot of Malls in SL including the Mall Dream and Dream Adoptions. I have also organized a few hunts that can be done in second life and also can be joined if your a store looking for some fun ideas. What I like to do on second life is to come here and just have a random moment of doing nothing or getting lost in the project that I have in mind. My items at the store are all things that I have been thinking about and I do like to make furniture out of item that arent normal really, there more artistic fashioned.