Friday, March 19, 2010

A little bit about the Store:

A new store has come to second life. This store has clothing for and some random items. The style is basically bohemian. I make all kind of furniture items out of fun and unusual items. Come see what there is.. and stay posted here. I will be putting thing up for sale on the blog that you can only get if your a member of the group.

About the creator:

The Creator of this store is me, Sutha Stoop. If you cant say my name then call me Sue, its ok. I have been on Second Life for over a year or so. I have owned alot of Malls in SL including the Mall Dream and Dream Adoptions. I have also organized a few hunts that can be done in second life and also can be joined if your a store looking for some fun ideas. What I like to do on second life is to come here and just have a random moment of doing nothing or getting lost in the project that I have in mind. My items at the store are all things that I have been thinking about and I do like to make furniture out of item that arent normal really, there more artistic fashioned.

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